It’s important for your business that you stay on top of your HR operations by creating a suitable HR department. This will help focus and organize the efforts of your HR team. An HR department can help develop an organisational culture that fosters growth and supports your employees.

Here are some tips on how your HR department can grow your small business:

• Recruit right
Your growth is dependent on the people you hire. The values of your employees should align with the organization’s vision and culture. They should be excited about contributing toward your organizational goals. Interview questions should seek to determine the in-tangible qualities. If your organization is all about teamwork, you could ask how they would deal with a difficult co-worker or how they would support the team. Keep your candidates well-informed at every stage of the process.

• Step up clear Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
How your employees perform is critical to your business’ success. Before anything else, be sure your employees have all the tech tools they’ll need to work efficiently. Conduct performance reviews regularly to help employees know where they stand and how they can improve. Be sure your feedback process is a two-way street and that you’re also willing to make changes based on employee needs.

• Make work enjoyable
It’s essential to create a work environment that employees can enjoy. It fosters better workplace relationships, encouraging your employees to be there for each other and work as a team during challenging times. Create awards and badges to celebrate victories, big or small. You can also add areas that promote relaxation and “time-off” such as a break room or eating canteen.

Manage employee payroll effectively
Keep your payroll operations compliant with the payroll laws, and process salaries consistently on time without any errors. Create a pay policy and help your employees understand why they are paid the salary they have. It’s better to go for payroll management software that uses automation to reduce errors and manual labour. This will help your organization expand without risking payroll issues down the line.

• Stay on top of labour laws
Labour laws change all the time, and they affect employee work hours, time off, benefits, workplace safety, and more. Maintaining compliance with the laws will help you avoid litigation. It’s up to your HR department to define your organization’s policies on working hours, attendance, time off, payroll, benefits, safety, anti-harassment and discrimination, resignations, and termination. It’s useful to outline these policies, along with your company’s vision, mission, and goals, in a company handbook. Be sure to circulate the handbook among your employees and give it out as part of your new-hire routine.

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