Improve internal communications in your business with these three top tips

  1. Keep a single source of certainty

A lack of face-to-face meetings can create barriers for communication and people management. You may want to consider using an online hub to store useful resources and address common questions for your team. Keeping accurate and accessible records is one way to ensure everyone is getting up-to-date information. It also helps if you ever need to refer back to resolve a dispute.

  1. Set the correct example

Inconsistent actions from management can cause mixed messages and look like favouritism, which in turn can create a toxic working environment.
Favouritism in the workplace, whether intentional or not, can cause resentment amongst employees. Along with affecting productivity and potentially damaging company culture, favouritism carries a risk of discrimination.
Everyone needs to be on the same side, and you need to facilitate this by showing them how it’s done. You’re likely to see better results if you do.

  1. Be prepared for questions

An employee checking their understanding is a good sign, as it shows they are paying attention. It also provides you with an opportunity to clarify any misinterpretations.
Try to steer clear of having employees fill in the gaps themselves and start making assumptions, as this can lead to hearsay and take much longer to rectify.
Make sure reporting lines are clear and those line managers, who are effectively your spokespeople, are consistent in their communications and well prepared for questions.

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