Building resilience skills in the contemporary work context doesn’t happen in a vacuum, however. It’s important to understand and manage some of the factors that cause us to feel so overwhelmed and stressed at work.

To build resilience in the workplace, identify and put into practice the four resilience factors:

  • Be able to adapt and be mentally flexible.
  • Develop social connections, both big and small.
  • Develop a shared sense of purpose.
  • Focus on hope.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Practice viewing changes as opportunities and challenges, rather than as threats. Fear prevents us from challenging ourselves, enjoying new things, and growing.

Connection: Develop and keep connection by increasing the strength, quality, or number of healthy relationships in your life. A greater number of relationships isn’t necessarily better. The quality of your connections is what makes the biggest difference.

Purpose: This comes from knowing your core values, such as honesty, gratitude, and courage, and working in a way that is consistent with them. Personal core values are different for everyone. No two people have the same sense of purpose based on their life experiences. Anything that motivates you is an example of something that gives you purpose.

Hope: Having a positive outlook is a powerful tool. It is okay to think about negative possibilities, but it is important to also give attention to the positive possibilities. This practice increases hope. 

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