The changing reality of this pandemic makes working remotely from home, finding employment and focusing on research and classes extremely difficult for many, but it also makes it clear that we will be in this “new normal” for the long haul. Here are some tips for staying motivated during this time:

  1. Set small goals.

Setting smaller goals that can feasibly be tackled in a day can help you stay on track. Try to make a shortlist of manageable tasks to get through every day.

  1. Set out time in your day for work and for relaxation.

Plan out a schedule of work and play and try to stick to this schedule Monday through Friday, like a regular workweek. Scheduling when you will work and when you will relax can help you to manage a healthy work-life balance at home. 

  1. Schedule virtual get-togethers with friends.

Social distancing can be the hardest aspect of this pandemic for many people. Not getting to spend time with friends can be emotionally taxing.
Schedule virtual get-togethers with your friends, and have them often
plan Zoom Happy Hours on Friday evenings to celebrate getting through another week or have a virtual game night on Saturdays.

  1. Prioritize your mental health

Staying motivated can be near impossible when your mind is filled with anxieties. Try to move a bit each day with a walk around outside. Maintain a normal sleep schedule and aim to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. Allow yourself time to enjoy TV and social media. Take time to eat balanced meals and try not to work through lunch – step away from your laptop and take a lunch break.  Please remember that if you’re struggling and need to talk to someone, it is always best to do so.

  1. Be okay with not being highly productive right now.

You may find that you have good days where you’re highly motivated to get through work and bad days where your motivation is nowhere to be found. Get through high priority tasks, and then let yourself have the rest of the day off. And don’t beat yourself up for not getting through your entire to-do list! It’s okay to expect less from yourself right now. Staying motivated can help refocus our attention away from these stressful changes and towards a more hopeful future.

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